Cash payments

NB! For regular repayments of your loan the card/bank account you used when registering with us will be debited. If you don't want to use a debit/credit card, use an alternative repayment option - the Ukash voucher.

Repay your loan in cash

Minicredit offers you an alternative option to repay your loan in cash. This is a 100% safe solution. Get your money, exchange it for a Ukash voucher and use it to pay online. It's that simple! You don't need to tell us your financial details. You don't even need a card.

1. Enter your Postcode to find a store to buy your Ukash voucher.
2. Go to any store displaying the PayPoint, Payzone or epay sign.
3. Ask for a Ukash voucher to the required value:
PayPoint paper voucher or single use card (any value from £5.00 to £499.00)
Payzone paper voucher (£15, £30, £50, £75, £100, £250, £500 only)
Epay paper voucher (£10, £20, £25, £30, £40, £50, £75, £100 only)
4. Pay the shopkeeper.
5. The shopkeeper will print your Ukash voucher.
6. Take the voucher, log in to your account and choose Repay by Cash!

Find a store (enter your postcode):

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